Antoine Palmier-Reynaud's project WHATEVER WORKS, started in 2002, is a set of works inspired by everyday places such as the artist's studio, the main street, living environments, party places, pet shops or supermarkets.

The artist uses these familiar social environments to develop his own language. This approach gives birth to a contradictory outlook on contemporary life, which is at the same time tautological and forward-looking, serious and casual, dreamlike and imaginative.
The aim is to highlight how abundance and idleness can coexist and work together to create a formal enchantment.
Anything that is at hand can be incorporated into the work, to create aesthetic situations where the most important thing is the positive tension between different elements, such as wood, food, people, toys, movements, pictures... These elements are sublimed and distorted until they can be blended into the finished work.
The principle of transformation could be defined as hyperthematic progression. The artist tries to create a conversation between artistic references, fragments of his former work and creative accidents to adapt to the density of each individual case of study.
Antoine Palmier-Reynaud's practice tends to produce symptoms rather than works. It is an attempt to do away with bias and offer a prismatic vision which is close to poetic inconsistency. Out of this nervous landscape come new postures and definitions for each new exhibition.


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